Art & Sciences (Works & Publications)

I now have a dedicated website with my complete artistic portfolio, including theatre, performance, acting and music production : 

I have a research activity in the field of Art & Science which is part of my research in Science & Technology Studies. I have long collaborated with Institut Actes at la Sorbonne and taught part time at ENSAPC Paris Cergy National Graduate School of Art in collaboration with Eric Maillet.

Most of my artistic work focus on the interaction between art and (techno-)science at a political level, the use of new technologies (e.g. interactive electronic systems, AI, sensors, robots and protheses) as a medium for contemporary art and as a means to trigger new perspectives on the relationship between science and society. I have produced works, installations and performance that mainly tackle the ambivalence of post-modern subjectivity toward the augmented body and as well as decision algorithms. I am making use of various media including music, video, installations, interactive electronic systems and performing arts.

Even if the scientific methodology differs drastically from that of the artist (both in terms of goals and means), I envision my approach to “art & science” as an embedded one where the scientist ACTS as an artist and vice-versa (whether the same person does both, or not). This, in particular, entails going a distinct way than the scientist-helping-the-artist-to-integrate-an-electronic-device-in-its-work approach (though this approach is generally complex, demanding and respectable, it is not mine). In particular, this is a highly demanding approach at the philosophical level, but also a genuinely rewarding one.

To name but a few I have collaborated with visual artists Olga Kisseleva and Eric Maillet, Cantierezero Translocal Collective for new music, activist Gaspard Delanoe (with whom I founded a dada inspired political party), Luciernaga theatre company… My work in collaboration with Kisseleva has been exhibited at Art Paris, FIAC, Louvre-Lens, Ekaterinburg biennal for industriel contemporary art, HKW Berlin and Moscow Laboratoria for Art and Science.

I have also been a member of several pop music projects signed to various indie labels, including Pink Noise Party (Z-Records, Playground UK) and Anechoic Chamber (New Rose/Lively Art). I have released six records and given more than a hundred shows in Europe and in the UK. I also created the first ever submarine pop show on the Black Sea for Balaklava Odyssey 2010 Media Art and Performance Festival.

Related (significant) publications

Reynal, S. (2022) : Pour qu’on ne se débarrasse pas des hommes : entre art et sciences, l’ingénieur face à l’ambivalence du sujet. Drôles d’objets: un nouvel art de faire, La Rochelle, France, 2021.
Reynal, S. (2021) : Entre processus stochastiques et métriques d’évaluation : l’IA-créatrice à l’épreuve de l’étrangeté. Philosophy Kitchen, Rivista di Filosofia Contemporeana, #16 (2021). Link to article.

Reynal, S. (2021) : Numéricité, complexité et échelles de temps dans la pratique artistique contemporaine, in Changements d’échelle, Les arts confrontés au réel. Dir. Josette Féral. Éditions Mimésis / Images, Médiums.  N.17

Kisseleva, O., Reynal, S. (2010) : CrossWorlds : de la théorie des codes correcteurs d’erreur à la manipulation politique, Plastik #01. Revue du Centre d’Etude et de Recherche en Arts Plastiques (CERAP) de l’Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.