Art & Sciences (Research & production)

I have been fiercely involved in contemporary art and music production in the last few years (under pseudonym Syd Rey), both as a scientific collaborator and as an artist myself. I have now also an academic research activity in the field of Art & Science with Institut Actes at la Sorbonne.

Even if the scientific methodology differs drastically from that of the artist (both in terms of goals and means), I envision my approach to “art & science” as an embedded one where the scientist ACTS as an artist and vice-versa (whether the same person does both, or not). This, in particular, entails going a distinct way than the scientist-helping-the-artist-to-integrate-an-electronic-device-in-its-work approach (though this approach is generally complex, demanding and respectable, it is not mine). In particular, this is a highly demanding approach at the philosophical level, but also a fiercely rewarding one.

Most of my works focus on the interaction between art and (techno-)science at a political level (in the noble sense of the word: organising how we human beings live together), the use of new technologies as a medium for contemporary art and as a means to trigger new perspectives on the relationship between science and society. I also have started producing works that draw on psychoanalysis to investigate the relationship between individuals and collective-driven constraints, including technology-aided constraints.

For those interested, I am also the co-funder of an electropop band with three released EP’s and a political party.

Related publications

Kisseleva, S. Reynal, CrossWorlds : de la théorie des codes correcteurs d’erreur à la manipulation politique, Plastik #01. Revue du Centre d’Etude et de Recherche en Arts Plastiques (CERAP) de l’Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. (2010)