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28 November 2011

Présentation du projet CoCQ

COCQ is a joint work with :

  • M. Abbara (INRIA)
  • Iryna Andriyanova (ETIS, Univ. Cergy)
  • D. Declercq (ETIS, ENSEA)
  • D. Maurice (INRIA)
  • S. Reynal (ETIS, ENSEA)
  • J.C. Sibel (ETIS, CNRS)
  • J.P. Tillich, (INRIA)
  • G. Zemor (Univ. Bordeaux)
  • ...

This work is supported by the French ANR Defis program under contract ANR-08-EMER-003.

  • Quantum LDPC codes with positive rate and minimum distance proportional to n^1/2. Jean-Pierre Tillich, Gilles Zemor. 2009. Preprint.